A creative journey with
Maria João Pires

About the app

Maria João Pires together with other musicians will be playing, teaching and dialoguing with artists, creators and scientists.

Awakenings with Maria João Pires is a creative journey that will provide guidance to pianists and piano lovers at different levels of proficiency. It will also include inspiration and engaging accessible content for a broader audience.

Awakenings will seek to maintain an equilibrium between the technical aspects of music, sensitivity of transmission, the role of the artist in society, and music’s potential for a meaningful and compassionate life.


Maria João Pires presents the Awakenings app programs

About the courses

There are different kinds of contents: philosophical, educational and performative. The educational section will target three main categories of users: children, amateurs and advanced pianists.

The teachings  focus on specific aspects of piano playing (both from technical and aesthetic points of view), with objective subjects carefully chosen to be interesting to different levels of musicians. These piano teachings are accompanied by historical and analytical contents directly related with the repertoire being worked on.

For the general public and also for the musicians and music lovers, there will be concerts where Maria João Pires, together with other artists and musicians, will play an extensive and sometimes unexpected repertoire.

The music will be complemented by dialogues and interviews, creating a harmonious and coherent experience, a revelation for anyone seeking to understand the role of music and its deeper meaning, and explore the extraordinary contribution it can make for a meaningful life and a better world.

“Art and music are the deepest expressions of our soul and the direct transmission of our universe. I think everyone is born an artist and art should be shared with all people on this planet.”

– Maria João Pires

Maria João Pires

Maria João Pires started playing at the age of three, giving her first public performance two years later. Pires performed Mozart piano concertos when she was only seven and received Portugal’s major prize for musicians at nine. She studied with Campos Coelho and Francine Benoît at the Lisbon Conservatory, graduating at 16.

Often praised for her extraordinary renditions of Mozart’s works, Pires has also shown a remarkable affinity with other great composers, including Bach, Chopin, and Schubert. An enormously successful recording artist, Pires has released several critically acclaimed discs, including a Bach album, recordings of Chopin’s Nocturnes and Schubert’s Impromptus, and a recording of two Mozart concertos with Claudio Abbado. Her recording of Mozart’s complete sonatas received the 1990 Grand Prix du Disque. Since 2000, Pires has also been focusing on a variety of unique educational projects.